Retirement Center

With our recent move to our new facility, RL Smith and Associates, exceeded our expectation and did a wonderful job. The project was completed before the expected due date and within budget. 

A. Lee

RL Smith and Associates, Inc., is very well organized and professional company. They have been doing all our remodeling, facility improvements and construction projects for us for over 10 years. We are extremely happy with RL Smith and Associates and highly recommend them.

RL Smith and Associates are honest, sincere people. They just finished up a big remodel for my company and everything went smooth. The price never changed throughout the entire job. Highly recommended!

R. Green

Bill M.

RL Smith and Associates, has been working on all our construction projects since 2001. Our company is very proud to say that RL Smith and Associates, is one of the most skilled and reputable companies around today. Thank you!

Mary G. 

I called RL Smith and Associates, Inc. to come to my house and give us an estimate on a remodeling project. They came out promptly and were very professional and personable. They came back to my house on several occasions to go over estimates because of changes I kept making. They were very patient with me. I will call them again in the future. 

S. Santiago


Great company. We needed a project done and RL Smith and Associates was able to provide a fast and fair estimate for the job.  My project turned out just how we hoped it would. Would highly recommend.